At the Redenti Lab, we are exploring cellular communication involved in the development and regeneration of retinal and other central nervous system tissue. We are particularly interested in how cells respond to morphogenetic fields of discrete, localized biochemical and electrical signals leading to the development of organized neural tissue.

To understand the molecular mechanisms involved in cell detection and response to such fields, we use bioinformatics, computer modeling, molecular biology, physiology and bioengineering approaches. Our long-term goals are to help define and apply insights of cellular response properties to the development of therapies and biologically inspired devices to repair damaged neural tissue.

Our team of scientists use cross-disciplinary techniques from several departments in universities of the US and abroad. Collaboration by team members with a wide range of expertise allows us to approach problem solving creatively from diverse perspectives.

The Redenti Lab is actively recruiting new students to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. In partnership with the CUNY outreach program we also provide valuable research experience to students from Bronx Science High School, and other local high schools. By participating in our research, aspiring students receive scientific training at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels.